project: dangerous days

In short

The Dangerous Days Project begins as a concept album to celebrate the cult classic BLADE RUNNER by visionary film director Ridley Scott, which in turn was based on the classic novel DO ANDROID DREAMS OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? written by Philip K. Dick. A loose structure of members from various bands involved at Aeongate Studios joined the project to begin work. The initial concept was to, sound wise, create a follow up to the original film – complete with a narrative.

In 2017 after about two years of inactivity due to lack of time to continue work together on the project, the concept album was restructured by ex-members of Neurobash, Daniel Brandt and Johan Andersson and although it to a great part still featured a soundscape palette very much inspired by the original film, something else emerged. From the idea to follow the original films main character towards the icy north, the sound that was remained focused more on the nordic nature and darkness of winter itself.

Daniel and Johan continued to complete a full two hours of music into an album with the title DANGEROUS DAYS. Plans for distributing their work, probably under another band name, is still in the making but we are pleased to announce that Aeongate now stands fully behind the project as both studio and label. More details as they are decided as final.

Current Releases

Dream Sequence